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It was back in 2013 that Jefferson Hamer’s name first popped into our consciousness. His Child Ballads album (with Anais Mitchell) won him major exposure when it carried off a coveted BBC 2 Folk Award and was also named one of NPR’s Top Ten Folk Releases of The Year. We took a mental note to check him out further but, as sometimes happens, became distracted.

Fast forward to the start of 2019 and it seemed as if everyone we met from the USA had something to say about the man. He had been appearing with the top collective, Session Americana; we heard his name mentioned in conversation at Celtic Connections; found out he had been playing occasionally with respected contemporaries Hannah Read, Kristin Andreassen and Sarah Jarosz…then Sam Reider & The Human Hands recommended we give the man a listen. They were clearly BIG fans.

Someone urged us to check out “the hot acoustic duo”, The Murphy Beds. Guess what? That’s Jefferson Hamer and Eamon O’Leary! The Brooklyn-based songwriter, guitarist, and traditional musician is now finding others are also learning more about his considerable abilities and pedigree, especially after hearing tracks from his latest well-received album, Alameda.

Anyone who imagines this is strictly a one-man and acoustic guitar performer might be in for a surprise, however. For, when he’s not performing solo, he likes nothing more than turning up with a band and plugging in that nice old Telecaster. You’ll catch him in that mode whenever he appears with the six-piece roots rock ensemble, Session Americana. In 2016 he recorded and co-produced their album ‘Great Shakes’.

When he is touring under his own name, like many whose work is admired, he is fortunate to have a close circle of top players who are always keen to join him on the road.

Jefferson has enjoyed his fair share of critical praise. The influential Acoustic Guitar magazine said: “A gifted guitarist and singer, Hamer is able to hit close harmonies and weave gorgeous instrumental lines.”
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