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We all search for and admire sincerity and look up to those who care about where we’re heading – and how.

Reviewers all agree on one thing: that Letitia VanSant is on a good path, and someone who has her fair share of integrity and love for her fellow human beings.

Built with a backbone that was already aching to work with those being marginalised, or less fortunate, that character became firmly moulded as she increasingly learned that we all need to come together to do more for each other. Her passion multiplied after a career, much of her time spent on voluntary work, as a social and environmental advocate. Realising she had things to say on many issues, she began to write and perform at events associated with the field she was in.

On fully appreciating the power of music to move and motivate, she ultimately set out to become a full-time musician, and, that paid off when she won the Kerrville New Folk song-writing competition, an honour shared along with the likes of Lucinda Williams and Nanci Griffith.

Now she is widely recognised as someone with a unique talent, and an artist with messages that need to be heard. When she released her Gut It To The Studs (cut right back and start from scratch) album, it won her legions of new fans, many admiring her ability to be bold enough to bridge the gap between being both creatively and politically relevant.

Writing at AmericanaUK, Paul Kerr said it was “a wonderful collection of heartfelt songs delivered by a great songwriter with a glorious voice,” while Mike Davies at Folk Radio UK commented: “VanSant may no longer work in social and environmental advocacy, but as this terrific album ably proves, the day job hasn’t changed, it’s just altered its channels.”

In her music as in her life, Letitia has always sought to wrestle with worthy questions. Do we need, maybe crave, much more straight talking right now? …probably more than ever before.
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