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Bow in the Eye


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With seasoned performers and musical wizards Olav Luksengard Mjelva, Anders Hall, Leif Ingvar Ranřien, Adam Johansson and Jens Linell dispensing well-measured portions of high jinks and virtuosic dexterity, SVER have proven themselves to be one of the brightest lights on the festivals circuit, wowing ecstatic crowds across Scandinavia and Europe.

You will not find a more dynamic line-up capable of taking audiences on such a thrilling journey.

Check out the nutty Nordic videos they produced to showcase what it’s like to be in that zone they inhabit and you’ll discover what makes them so supercharged and universally appealing.

It may seem that they do not take themselves too seriously; but, stop and listen to these musicians as they gel and swing together in a way that’s seldom encountered and you will understand why they have won a reputation as red hot performers whose shows are sizzling affairs.

When they played both Shetland and Orkney Folk Festivals, they created a ripple effect that travelled far and wide. A perfect match for those events, the 5-piece left revellers both breathless and exhilarated.

Reviewing their performances for The Scotsman, Sue Wilson loved their “exuberant playfulness and terrific rhythmic drive,” and said they “caused perhaps the biggest buzz.”

Those who have followed the band’s meteoric rise to the top, have been fans since the first of three albums was released in 2007. The 2015-issued Fryd (meaning “joy”) won them glowing reviews, respected writer and BBC Radio 3 World Music broadcaster Fiona Talkington telling readers of Songlines magazine: “SVER has an enviable reputation for being one of the best live bands on the circuit and this CD has captured plenty of their irresistible spirit.”

In their 10th year on the road, they will be heading off to tour the USA and a superb new album is coming too.

Olav and Anders are, of course, also well-known figures on the international circuit from touring with acclaimed Shetland fiddler and all-round good guy Kevin Henderson in The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc.

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