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Ever stopped to wonder how you'd describe The Blues to someone who might never have heard the term before? That's the music we're talking about and not the actual feeling of being down at rock bottom.

Over the years, we've enjoyed listening to Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, John Lee Hooker, Lazy Lester, Muddy Waters and Slim Harpo. All of them had feel and style.

It's that thing that turns your head when the music first comes tumbling from the speakers.

It happens when you hear Professor Longhair, Meade Lux Lewis, Tony Joe White or Fats Domino with virgin ears. Just think of the moment you first heard JJ Cale - wow! That was something!!!

So, when a player comes along that stops you in your tracks whenever all of that texture, feel and grace is covered - and done and dusted with the right level of panache - you’ve got yourself a magical moment.

Take a bow, then Buck Tingley. First, we saw this and it made us smile: “If you like guitar shredding and effects boards you're not going to like anything I do.”

Hailing from Turtle Creek, New Brunswick, he has become a pillar of the blues scene on the Canadian east coast, fronting bands that possess just the right groove, shuffle, subtlety and restraint, such as The Hard Looking Tickets or The Galaxy Five Hundreds - all young players with old souls.

Buck is as much a listener as he is a player, and it comes across in his informed approach to blues, boogie-woogie and early rock 'n’ roll stylings - an authentic performer with a distinct voice, magnetic stage presence and enough natural cool to earn the reputation as one of the hottest around.

Our good friends, and one of the best live bands on the planet, The Backyard Devils, also from New Brunswick, introduced us to the man and his music. We will forever be in their debt for that.
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