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Some of the most beautiful plants in the World are hybrids – wonders created when cross-pollination gets in on the act. The Orchids in particular are spectacular.

Some of the most beautiful music you could ever hear comes about in the same way; myriad influences and styles brought into play, and when it’s in the right hands, amazing, uplifting – C'est Magnifique!

Fierce Flowers germinated on the underground Parisian old-time scene and quickly became the must-see band for aficionados who grew to admire their rootsy, unplugged, not Appalachian or Americana, but just high quality new music played their way – in both French and English.

If you ever loved the earthy Cajun thrum of The Savoy Family Band, the gorgeous no-one-can-replicate-them McGarrigles, or anything else that possessed that stylish French influence, there is a strong chance you will fall under their spell.

We were introduced to the trio by Corey Seznec, whom we had worked with when we represented Groanbox Boys. He knew they’d set our pulses racing. Thankyou, Corey. You are a good man.

Their great gift is to let the song take centre stage while keeping the instrumentation tastefully understated to sweet perfection. Then, there’s the matter of the vocal harmonies. Wait till you hear this! Léo Divary, Shushan Kerovpyan and Julia Zech are so meant-to-be together and passionate about what they do that the energy coming across leaves those on the receiving side feeling their chakras being reverberated.

You may be asking: Fierce, why fierce? Well, dismiss any thoughts of violent or frightening behaviour and remember that the word can also suggest something that is strong and powerful... or just applies to looking confident and acting in a way that shows you are feeling good about it.

The combination of fiddle, banjo, guitar and double bass has never been in better hands. Those sumptuous vocal harmonies are heavenly.

Stop-you-in-your-tracks doesn’t happen all that often.

Our first live encounter with The McGarrigles remains a lifetime highlight.

We’ll remember too when we first heard Fierce Flowers.

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