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Betty and The Boy

Nathan Bell’s literary roots run deep.

The son of a nationally-recognised poet, his musical journey began in Boston, and by 1983, he’d formed the duo Bell & Shore with then-wife Susan Shore. They won a recording deal, began touring, and eventually released a pair of records, the second, L-Ranko Motel, scoring a rave review from Rolling Stone. Their marriage and musical partnership ended in 1989, he headed for Nashville, and what seemed like a promising solo career. But things didn’t work out and by 1993 he was out of the music business entirely. He didn’t pick up a guitar or write a song again for almost fifteen years.

These days, his warm but wizened voice bleeds experience; he’s seen both sides of the coin - travelled the nomadic, bohemian path of the hard-luck troubadour and found comfort and meaning in the stability of a family, a home - and experiencing a 9 to 5 routine that is typical for many. With a new lease of life, he’s gaining more attention than he ever did at the start – and rightly so.

Known for his straightforward yet poetic lyrics, his stories are of everyman, sung with honesty and empathy. A master guitarist, he mostly performs solo, allowing his instrument to turn his poetry to song, his metaphors to melody.

With his latest album, I Don’t Do This for Love, I Do This for Love (the third instalment in a potent trilogy that began with 2011’s Black Crow Blue and continued with 2014’s Blood Like a River), he has created a song cycle that is both moving and timely.

The CD has picked up four and 5-star ratings on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Gritty and authentic,” wrote Martin Chilton in The Telegraph, awarding the record a Best of 2016 accolade, while Country Music People declared it was “powerful – excellent!” Maverick magazine awarded the album “stand-out" status and said: “poetry is coursing through his veins,” while BBC’s Ricky Ross told listeners it was “really, really special.”

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