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California Feetwarmers

Chances are if you were once a reveller as Pokey LaFarge was wooing the room, your attention would be drawn to the fella with the washboard and multiple attachments hanging ‘round his neck.

Ryan Koenig is one of those “sidemen” who deliver at cut-above level and stand out from the crowd. Likewise, laid back bassman Joey Glynn, handling the slap bass like the good old boys do.

When you have a rhythm section as tight and deeply rooted as that, it’s always going to be cooking on the hotter side of sizzle. Just as Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three were working the circuit hard and bursting to break out big time, that same pair would be found “moonlighting” and tickling similar tastebuds with another band, Rum Drum Ramblers, whenever they got the chance. Frontman of that combo and creative force, Mat Wilson had been turning out some super groovy old-style material with a decidedly “right now” energy. Many felt it was only the demands with the LaFarge travelling show that prevented the Ramblers from taking off in the same direction. Those who had sampled and savoured the magic of the Ramblers’ performance – and the vibe that came with it - knew that something special was happening and it might only be a matter of time…

When Pokey eventually decided to down-size and concentrate on solo shows, the three of them then relished the chance to make the kind of impact that had always been threatened.

If you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on their self-produced Mean Scene album from 2011 – it’s a classic that is cherished by those who grabbed it while they could – suddenly there was hope that there might be some justice in the world! Messrs Wilson and Koenig continue to grab equal shares of the limelight as that good ol’ reliable Joey provides the rock-steady glue to hold it solidly together.

They’re coming to get you and, jeez, it was worth the wait!

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