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Few artists from traditional Irish music are more influential that Seamus Egan.

A founding member of groundbreaking powerhouse band, Solas, the multi-instrumentalist has a reputation as one of the leading lights, having inspired generations of musicians and helped define the sound of Irish music today.

In his hands, flute, tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, and low whistle are all handled with an astounding level of dexterity and trademark joie de vivre. As a composer, he was behind the soundtrack for the award-winning film The Brothers McMullen, co-wrote Sarah McLachlan’s breakout hit, Weep Not for the Memories, and has scored numerous documentaries and indie films.

As a bandleader, he established Solas as the pre-eminent Irish-American band of their generation for the past 20 years, continuously bringing in fresh ideas, including teaming up with Rhiannon Giddens on their 2015 album.

After Solas decided to take a break in 2018, he began touring both as a formidable solo performer, and calling on a host of friends and musical kindred spirits to bring his lively and evocative ensemble ideas fully to life too. Many cream-of-the-crop players are always keen to join him onstage. He has revisited albums he cut before Solas, building on that initial burst of creativity that followed the breathtaking All-Ireland Championships he won on four different instruments by the age of 14, and his turns as a star soloist in his later teens with Mick Moloney’s The Green Fields of America. Now we can all enjoy the fruits of these exhilarating new adventures with the release of Seamus Egan’s stunning Early Bright album.

At its thumping hot, pulse-racing best, it is jaw-dropping good; at its most subtle and understated natural pace, he displays the playful spirit and delicate touches we had previously learned to expect.

Written mostly in his new home state of Vermont and recorded at studios throughout the US, Early Bright, marks the beginning of a new chapter for an artist many had maybe mistakenly believed had already reached his peak.
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