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Fenland Song

Only Viveka


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Listen to the music of The Shackleton Trio and you'll hear influences that span British, American and Scandinavian traditions.

But this is no pick 'n' mix designed as a please-all gesture.

Instead, your head will be washed clean, bathed by the purity of the melodic blend that is distinctly their own.

Underpinning everything is the rich interest and understanding of Georgia Shackleton's native East Anglia and a wider love of English folk song.

With a natural gift for seeking out old gems to dust down as stunning interpretations, had she chosen a truffle hunting career, she would have been a champion!

Likewise, as a contemporary writer, this is a story teller who manages to stay in the same groove. It's a seamless transition between old and new.

These are three superlative musicians, so truly meant-to-be-together, the performance is a joy to behold, featuring powerful instrumentation and rich three-part vocal harmonies from Aaren Bennett (guitar), Nic Zuppardi (mandolin) and Georgia (fiddle and vocals). With roots sunk so deeply in soil this rich, the playing is as solid as the stoutest oak in the forest.

The band has earned its stripes from relentless touring both at home and abroad, in the process winning a reputation as one of the best live acts on the circuit. As well as working extensively in the UK, they are also popular in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Their superb album, Fen, Farm and Deadly Water fully illustrates the breadth of musical endeavour and gives a true flavour of what the live performance entails.

When legendary folk hero Mike Harding played tracks from their previous release, he told listeners: “This is a hugely talented lass!”

Since then, Bruce Macgregor (BBC Radio Scotland), has complimented them on their “great sound,” and BBC folk presenter Genevieve Tudor said the new album contained “lovely stuff - a really super” collection.

In 2018, they will have been seen by more people than ever, having toured Scandinavia and played many of the bigger festivals, including Cambridge.

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