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Within the US roots music community, and around the world, Taarka have for some time now, been highly-regarded by those who appreciate real depth of character and substance.

The remarkable husband and wife team of Enion and David Pelta-Tiller, core members of a band that can be something of a movable feast, began to make music together in 2001.

They developed a band with a strong reputation for a Gypsy jazz/Eastern European-influenced American roots music described as “a collision between Django Reinhardt and David Grisman.”

David is a versatile picker and accomplished writer, while classically-trained Enion is another creative force who can switch effortlessly between Bartok and Bebop.

They brought together an equally well-rounded supporting cast who join them on the road and in the studio to produce music that has won them many accolades.

It has elements of Western and Eastern folk traditions, peppered with jazz, gypsy, Indian, and Celtic flavours, all in a string band setting. The song-writing is informed by bluegrass, old-time and folk from America and Europe, as well as 19th century poetry – and pop.

Their upward spiral was hit by a devastating blow in 2013 when the Colorado floods wrecked their property and left a shocking impact on the whole community. Like many others in and around the small town of Lyons, Boulder County, the Tillers lost their home (and studio) when the swollen St. Vrain River burst its banks with thunderous fury.

Remarkably, they survived the shocking experience and were soon making music once more. The album that subsequently emerged was almost an exorcism. Yet, there was unmistakable pep in their step too, driven by a we-can-celebrate-and-get-through-this determination.

Those floods were declared a national disaster and left their valley crushed.

What better way to help the healing process than to get together with friends and kindred spirits to sing and play and spread the joy?

There’s good energy here; they have been raising folks’ spirits for more than a decade – it’s what they do, and do so well.


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