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Cam Penner

From The Louvins to The Everlys the list of successful "brother" acts is extensive and impressive.

When one comes along described as "unlike most others" you might be excused for asking how that can be. First time we heard The Brother Brothers doing what they do so well we felt it was so original and distinctly their own, we had to seek them out to hear some more.

There is always a special magic that comes with the package when siblings make great music together. And it's not just as Adam and David Moss are identical twins that gives them their extra special distinctiveness.

No, this pair - both superb musicians with up-there pedigree as solo performers - finally discovered they had always meant to be playing together - just as many in the business had urged them to consider. Now, it seems as if they might have been working as a unit for much longer than the few years they have been doing it.

Outstanding fiddler, banjo picker and vocalist Adam had been earning a solid reputation on his own path and turning out with respected acts of the calibre of Session Americana, Anais Mitchell and Ana Egge. David, a distinguished cellist and guitar picker has, since winning the New Folk competition in 2011, worked with some of the finest musicians of his generation. Each of them write great songs.

When they teamed up to combine the best of the individual experiences they had, it was a wondrous thing that happened.

Right now, you’ll find them lined up for some of the best festivals.

Many of their contemporaries shouted "hallelujah" when it finally all fell into place.

Acts like Lake Street Dive and Sarah Jarosz have been singing their praises from the rooftops, the latter on record stating: "while they are technically a new band, The Brother Brothers have been in this together for life.

"Their ability to pull the listener into their quietly energetic musical journey is a joy to behold."

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