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Bronwynne Brent

When you are raised surrounded by nature that is breathtaking and wondrous, with a love for being off in the woods of the Pacific Northeast, itís inevitable that the music you are drawn to will be rootsy and harmonious.

The name The Pine Hearts resonates so strongly it tells a big part of the story.

And although band leader and guitarist Joey Capoccia delved deeply into the folk-bluegrass genre when he first pulled the cream of local musicians together to begin making this music in 2010, the song-writing style that had blossomed when he turned out with bands such as The Pasties and Blackberry Bushes, leaning more towards the left-of-centre edges of folk/pop, brought a fresh, modern bite to the show.

In no time, the band became established as purveyors of material that pulled folks together from all musical backgrounds with their powerful and melodic delivery.

Now, with three albums under their belt, the tight combo who have the foothills of Washington Stateís Cascade Mountains as their home turf, are firmly established as an outfit that appeals to a widely diverse audience with a broad sweep of tastes.

Mandolinist Derek McSwain was in at the start and is now recognised as one of the sharpest players in the territory. Capoccia plays fingerstyle and flatpick guitar like one of the old masters, and rock solid upright bass player Dean Shakked is the perfect musician to create a big distinctive cushion Ė and beat - on which to sit the songs and instrumental acrobatics. All three harmonise vocally.

Itís accepted that if you get a thumbs up from Bluegrass Today, it means youíre accepted into the same league as the big boys. They know their stuff and recently said the band was a great discovery and played ďa peppy mix of folk, indie and jamgrass.Ē

When other musicians suggested we should check them out, we got it.

Their 2018-issued album, Carousel, was produced by The Steep Canyon Rangersí Charles Humphrey who has worked with Steve Martin.

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