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California Feetwarmers

After spending the summer of 2011 busking together in Seattle, mandolinist Peter Weber fled the rainy northwest for his home in Golden, Colorado, while singer/guitarist Erinn Peet-Lukes relocated to New York City.

Within a year, Weber found himself heading east with the goal of convincing his former musical sidekick that there was a better home for her songs in Golden, and thankfully, Peet-Lukes took the bait, packed her bag, quit her job and headed that way.

With their roots in traditional bluegrass and folk, Erinn and Pete started Thunder and Rain seeking to establish a strong footing with songs that went on to establish them as a potent pairing. Fusing elements of rock and pop with acoustic instrumentation familiar to roots music fans, they created a sound that attracted the kind of approval most new-to-the-territory acts dream of.

Functioning more as a collective than a fixed-format unit, Thunder and Rain have enjoyed a healthy “family” of great players as collaborators. The core group of the band now consists of Weber, Peet-Lukes, bassist Ian Haegele, dobro player Chris Herbst and Natalie Padilla on fiddle.

It took the release of their superb 2017-issued “Start Believing” album to stimulate the UK into paying serious attention. Reviews were fittingly flattering and in no time, promoters were starting to enquire when they would be coming here for tour dates. “Imagine The Stray Birds with a slightly bigger sound,” declared Maverick magazine, while Folk Radio UK maintained they were “recalling the early days of 10,000 Maniacs.”

Over at Rock n Reel magazine, a writer who is taken more seriously than many, David Innes, told readers: “There’s something special happening here,” while AmericanaUK recommended them as having “a lovely warm, genuine feel that will brighten your day.”

The band won a lot of attention from the media in Ireland, too, where they had already created quite a commotion following live work in 2016. Lonesome Highway put them in this perspective: “For all lovers of country music that borders on bluegrass.”

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