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The Jellyman's Daughter
Back in 2011 five friends burst out from a chrysalis that had been in countdown mode waiting to explode onto on the edgier left of centre side of Irish indie-folk, and formed a band called Wookalily.

Audiences savoured the rootsy fare they served up and an EP of their punk-spirited skiffle-esque material won them even more attention.

In 2014, they made a greater impact with their debut album, “All The Waiting While,” then ended up on national TV after Midge Ure “discovered” them in 2016 leading to a high-profile slot on the BBC documentary series he fronted.

Fast forward three years and they have metamorphed, grown a full set of wings and are set to soar to greater heights.

The songs and the live shows are bursting with re-energised snap crackle and pop.

Wookalily sounds like a band that has been on the road and enjoying the trip so well that five individuals have now combined to appear almost as one. They are in perfect harmony. There is a sense of mature sophistication and spirited direction.

People hear what’s being played and utter “classy!”

“Sounds kinda like the B-52s in places,”
others might say.

They still retain that left-field edginess, keeping it just rough enough around the corners to ward off any suggestion of too-smooth presentation.

A Cognac-soaked bluesiness starts to make occasional appearances.

Crowds who turn up at gigs are also delighted to find that there is still tons of scope for some seriously enjoyable singalongs.

But, it’s the new material that is turning heads and turning more and more people on.

This is now acoustic music that has ambitions to gatecrash rockier indie-pop circles. It’s like a rush of fresh air; there’s no quiet “breath,” happening here.

They flush your head clean; the buzz being generated is zingy and exhilarating.

Those years of gigging, writing, experimenting and hanging in there with rugged determination have all paid off - they’ve found their voice and developed a style that is all their own.

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