Having represented many great artists from 2004, when the pandemic swept in to spoil the party in 2020, we wound things down, went into enforced hibernation and kept busy on other areas of creativity, as well as keeping our sister PR operation ticking over sweetly.

Having organised tours of the UK and Ireland, ranging from two to six weeks in duration, and provided world-class musicians for some of the biggest events including Celtic Connections, Cambridge Folk Festival, Underneath The Stars, Shetland Folk Festival,  TradFest, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues festival, Earagail Arts Festival, HebCelt Festival, Tønder and many more, it’s good to be back.

With a re-launch in 2022, we are pleased to once again be working with the venues and promoters who had become such a big part of our life, and are fully committed to providing artists we admire and recommend, as they start to re-build too.

Full publicity back-up provided for every tour. We always let the media know in every region that something very special is heading their way.

“If I pulled together my Top 10 gigs here, I reckon half of them would probably be your acts. The quality has been consistently exceptional”

“Thanks for introducing us to some of the best music out there”

“It’s always been great working with you”

“You’ve been one of the best to deal with”