Rock ‘n’ rollers from all over the country have been known to travel many miles to get their next fix of the band that excites them most.

Having built almost a cult following among the rockabilly set and lindy hop crowd, the D’Eldorados have been packing them in whenever another gig came long.

The band buck modern trends and steer away from any internet presence (apart from here), preferring instead, to let things develop in that natural way that happens when it’s all cookin’ nicely. Word-of-mouth is all they need – and they have a legion of fans they can count on to spread the news.

A super-hot offshoot of Scotland’s “beat sensations,” The Kaisers, who have been recording and touring since they first established a worldwide following back in the 1990s, when they roll into town there’ll always be “good rockin’ tonight.”

George Miller, who fronts both bands, concedes that he’s a Kaiser, first and foremost, but the D’Eldorados were always a pet project that gave him the chance to revisit and re-create some of the music that first rocked the world back in the 1950s.

He pulled the four-piece together as a side project that filled his hunger for rockabilly and a set made up of the precious gems he was so passionate about. This tight combo would go on to become one of the hottest bands in that genre that the UK had ever produced.

His hand-picked musical sidekicks are Mick McKeown (lead guitar), Shug Jamieson (bass) and Lex Hall (drums).

The set, stuffed full of gems from the 40s and ‘50s is never the same as it was last night. Alongside some of the great songs of the era, lesser-known oldies by the likes of Stick McGhee, Billy Lee Riley, Carl Perkins, Warren Smith and Roy Hall are brought back to life with authentic finesse.

They can also swing effortlessly over into that juicy realm that Louis Prima made his own or take a nostalgic trip down some early country backroads.