Stereo Naked

When hot Paris-based all-girl trio, Fierce Flowers, issued their Mirador album in 2020, it stimulated a frenzy of media interest that resulted in a huge amount of exposure in the UK.

Universally well reviewed it won tons of radio attention too, BBC presenter, Cerys Matthews declaring herself a fan and booking the band for her own festival in North East Wales. A major UK tour was planned, with every single date taken. Then the pandemic swept in to sour the tone.

Julia Zech’s vocals had featured strongly and she had written a large number of the album’s killer tracks, while keeping her options open too, having teamed up with Cologne-based kindred spirit Pierce Black, with whom she had also written and performed to considerable acclaim. That outfit is Stereo Naked, and when they finally released a new album in 2021, it re-ignited interest across the UK, sparking a clamour of interest from the live circuit.

There was much gnashing of teeth when Fierce Flowers failed to survive the lockdown blues. A split meant that the girls each chose to go their own way. And Julia, of course, already had another red hot iron in the fire.

While dazzling with a similar style that’s influenced by the finest American roots, especially old-time, just as great bands such as Elephant Revival and Lake Street Dive add pop stylings and sharp writing to the mix, Stereo Naked tickle tastebuds that others fail to reach.

Don’t be surprised to find Julia occasionally experimenting with a Telecaster around her neck.

The latest album won a huge amount of exposure in Britain.

Interviewing the pair for an editorial feature in RNR magazine, writer Paul Kerr described the record as “delightful.”

BBC Radio 2 Folk Show presenter Mark Radcliffe featured tracks and told listeners:  “I do like this music!” Over at BBC Radio Wales, Frank Hennessy said they were “excellent,” and reviewing the record for AmericanaUK, writer Tim Martin predicted:

“This album will establish them as a new favourite band”