Tim Dalling

You struggle to find a fitting term that describes him in his many wondrous guises.

Versatile, although true, doesn’t quite hack it!

Let’s just say that he’s a one of a kind, not simply as he’s a super-talented bloke, but because he does it all with such admirable panache.

Remembered by some for his hugely creative input to the legendary but sadly departed New Rope String Band, in recent years, Tim Dalling has written and recorded as a powerfully observant singer-songwriter and been ranked by critics along with the likes of Ivor Cutler and Randy Newman.

Originally from Ayr, he has lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for almost three decades. It was there he recorded the album ‘Blossom’ with highly-regarded, guitarist Ian Carr and bassist Neil Harland. Chris Wood included it in a Top Ten album selection for a national newspaper. Reviewing his follow-up, ‘Eve’s Bonie Squad,’ R2 magazine said he was “a genius.”

The Unthanks sought him out to open the show each night on their ‘Mount The Air’ Tour, and he went on to play big festival events such as Underneath The Stars and Celtic Connections.

Audiences are always stunned by his richness of character, and accomplished musicianship that lies at the very core of his massively creative spirit.

Kris Drever’s a fan and urges folk to get out to catch Tim in action. “Breathtaking,” was how he described him, adding: “You get a sense that he could do absolutely anything he wants.”

Lau sidekick Martin Green had this to say: “It was one of the best shows I’ve seen anywhere ever. Life-affirming, moving and impossible to resist, Dalling is a world-class song-writer and performer. Carrying the baton from Michael Marra and Ivor Cutler on one side and all the pinpoint emotional control of Paul Simon or John Martin on the other, he is not to be missed.”

We’re all warming to a man with a special gift who entertains with a passion, superlative musicianship . . . and a sprinkling of humour.